In the Steps of the Chronicler

Coming Together

From the mountains to the south of the new settlement Skianon, four figures emerged. Though they all came upon the town of Fawer Fas, a floating city upon the inner sea in the North, for their own purposes, the soon found themselves involved in each other’s circumstances. As things happen in Goidelic towns, a fight broke out on the galley ship converted to a tavern, and in this fight the four found themselves at odds against each other and the captain of the ship. The captain, for his part, made things no easier on them. He kicked them out of his establishment, but in doing so lifted the purse of the elf caster.

When she noticed, she was first to lay blame. A compromise was reached among them, and the human seer went back aboard to find the purse in the hands of the captain, who was not ashamed at all to admit the theft. He agreed to return the purse, if the four would get rid of the preserved eggs from the galley, and to return the purse’s contents if they convinced the cook never to make them again.

After they had managed that small task, mostly by bribing the cook, the captain returned only half the original contents of the purse and proxied a meeting between the elf caster an a mysterious man. The man turned out to know much of what was going on, including the whereabouts of the man the elf was seeking: her father. He directed her to a building on the outskirts of town.

The next day, after a mishap with a poor drunkard in the crows nest of the hostel ship and the expenditure of way too much money, the four set out to find this warehouse, which had to be the hiding place of the warrior’s bounty according to information he had gathered beforehand. It also happened to be the location to which the large crowd from the tavern ship had gone after the night’s revelry. Once there, the four were watched suspiciously by several of the workers. They inquired about their various purposes, and found them all leading in roughly the same direction. After a contractual agreement, they started off on their new course with a map, food, ration packs, and the barest of tents to cart goods of the traders from the warehouse over the mountains as payment for the map. The traders were kind enough to provide a guide, though he did not seem so useful in the night.

Their first stop in the road brought them to a clearing where they made camp, the elf and the guide the only ones who used their tents. Before daybreak, however, their peaceful night was interrupted by the presence of a foul creature who slew one of their horses. Some kind of undead monster, they finally slew it once the dawn’s light weakened it. In good judgment, they all fled the place to a hopefully safer situation…

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